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What if at the deepest levels of your self … you live forever? There are aspects of reality we have not yet evolved the ability to handle intellectually. I propose that you can, in fact, gain intimations of a multidimensional persona behind your current individual self. That is the mystery this book seeks to unravel.

In my experience we can uncover the critical ‘who’ and ‘how’ of the authentic self — by entering through the template portal of ‘story’. We can follow the traces of our own remembering and the clues left by our seeing. Nor is this as daunting as it may appear. Who one truly is may seem confusingly holographic at first, a simulacrum unwilling to be found. But that is not the case.

For even if we divest a person of sight, memory, and the stories that animate her life, a fully intact authentic self would remain nonetheless. These then are but doorways in.

This book closes with a brief meditation on the seeing and remembering of a multidimensional personality essence, ‘Seth’, interviewed via Jane Roberts in the 1970’s.

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1. theory, actually
2. the descent
3. who wants to be a millionaire?
4. lucrece, interrupted
5. ways of seeing
6. time’s progeny
7. letting Seth speak

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