ZI.1.bz.600.3.neg(Z Inferno, Book 1)

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This is the brief opening salvo (novella) in a new zombie horror series, set in Bangkok and its environs.

Toey is on a return flight to Bangkok with three friends when their world changes forever. To their horror the airport is overrun, engulfed by waves of death. She and her friends cross the city in a battle of survival against dead infected and zee’s (undead).

But the zee’s are evolving. The survivors’ only option is to fight. As a researcher in consciousness and trance states, and a discharged field agent in the Thai military, Toey is one of the few equipped to take on such a fight. The struggle begins.

Editorial Review

Lovers of the genre will enjoy Bangkok Z and crave more. The writing style is smooth and there is no lull in the plot unfolding. We get a quick glimpse of the characters and so far they are all likable and it seems that each one will bring something unique to the group. I look forward to the rest of this series. www.bookie-monster.com


Customer Review

A good zombie apocalypse story that takes place during the breakout of the virus. I found it easy to read and plan to look for more books in the series, if the author plans any. The zombies also have a rarely seen attribute, which should make later stories interesting.

Randall C. Harmelink



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